WHOIS is a public database that maps out the global community of those working towards the prevention of childhood blindness. We believe that by working together we can fill in any of the missing gaps.

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For those working towards the prevention of childhood blindness, please join us by adding your information to our database. The better our communication, networking, and collaboration skills, the better the outcome for our intentions.
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We bring opportunities to children around the world to overcome retinoblastoma cancer by: Educating the public and primary health workers about retinoblastoma to achieve early diagnosis and rapid referral; Empowering the medical community to deliver sustainable high quality evidence-based care; Enabling family support programs that reduce practical, emotional, financial and social burdens and improve access. For more information please visit our website.

Main contact: Abby White
P: (44) 1865 243 654
Email: abby@daisyfund.org
Website: http://www.daisyfund.org

So Kids Can See (SKCS) focuses on solving the issue of blindness due to late diagnosis by promoting and implementing early vision screening programs across the globe.

Main contact: Lindsay Hampton
P: (416) 834-0747
Email: lindsay@sokidscansee.org
Website: http://www.sokidscansee.org

Iksha foundation is a public charitable trust to focus on Retinoblastoma (eye Cancer) - to create awareness, to provide aid for its treatment and to support research to improve care of children with Retinoblastoma.

Main contact: Sushma Subramanyam
P: (91) 9986388276
Email: sushma@ikshafoundation.org
Website: http://www.ikshafoundation.org